Actually They Provide You With Keywords Which Will Sell

As you will have gathered by this time I am a good advocate for Wealthy Affiliate. After committing a great deal of time researching different other products there doesn't seem to be any that comes close to what this programs offers.

You of course may still be thinking whether investing money and time is effective. To help develop a more informed decision keep reading. In this article I will be taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership against that of Affilorama's.

I have chosen to do this as Affilorama's Premium is pretty similar to Wealthy Affiliate's. Each of these are all inclusive hands on memberships. They assist you through the entire process with plenty of resources and knowledge that you are going to need.

Things You Get With Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

1. Lessons continually that are being added to on a daily basis

2. Hosting intended for as many sites as you wish (it's unlimited)

3. A good quality keyword and market research tool

4. You'll have access to complimentary technical support for every site that you have.

What You Get When You Enroll in Affilorama Premium Membership

1. Continuous lessons which you can take a pace to fit you

2. You have free hosting for up to 15 sites

3. They provide you with niche material and keywords. In fact they provide you with keywords that will sell. All you then have to do is create the articles.

4. Totally free customer support

Tools Offered By Wealthy Affiliate

1. Keyword & Market Research Tool

2. Website Builder - This takes you through the process of creating a website easily. You find it has been optimized so setting up a website is quick and easy.

3. Link Tracking & Cloaking - This tool will be invaluable and which you will need to pay extra for anywhere else. With it you will always know the number of clicks you are getting and it allows you to mask each link to ensure that your affiliate accounts are protected.

4. Rapid Writer - With this content publisher every article is analyzed to check spelling and grammar. Additionally it helps to ensure that the correct form of SEO (search engine optimization) is being utilized.

5. Website Health Checker - Gives you recommendations customized to suit your needs. As well as instructions to help you improve your website.

As you can see from above these two programs are similar. But what I love about my membership of wealthy affiliate program is the possibility to be able to converse with other subscribers. Plus knowing that the creators of this program are happy to get involved with helping to handle any issues I may have.

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